AdoptOpenJDK API

NOTICE: AdoptOpenJDK API v1 has been deprecated and will be removed. If you are using v1 please move to the latest version (documented below) as soon as possible.

NOTICE: AdoptOpenJDK API v3 is the next version being worked on. Please ensure you pull request to the v3 repo.


The AdoptOpenJDK API provides a way to consume JSON information about the AdoptOpenJDK releases and nightly builds. Sign up to the mailing list where major API updates will be announced, and visit to find out more about the community.


Here is an example using curl (see the curl documentation):

curl -L ''

This command returns information about all 'OpenJDK' releases, and defaults to the latest version of the API.

The following Windows Powershell script uses Invoke-Webrequest to download the latest Windows 64-bit archive.

function Get-RedirectedUrl
    Param (

    $request = [System.Net.WebRequest]::Create($url)

    If ($response.StatusCode -eq "Found")

$url= ""

$fUrl = Get-RedirectedUrl $url
$filename = [System.IO.Path]::GetFileName($fUrl);

Write-Host "Downloading $filename"

[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = "tls12, tls11, tls"
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -OutFile $filename

Note on the API rate limit: Add the -i option (e.g. curl -i to return the response header as well as the response body. There is a limit of 100 API calls per hour per IP, and the value of X-RateLimit-Remaining in the response header is useful to determine how many API calls are remaining from this limit.

API v2.0.0 Specification

You can append different paths to the URL, either in the above curl format, in a browser, or through an HTTP client, to return different JSON information:

/v2/<request type>/<release type>/<version>

For instance:

curl -L ''

Path Parameters

Request Type


List of information about builds that match the current query

curl -L ''

Redirects to the binary that matches your current query. If multiple or no binaries match the query, an error code will be returned

curl -L ''

Returns the latest binary asset for every matching combination of os, arch, type, openjdk_impl, and heap_size query parameters.

i.e to find the latest jdk/jre for linux, x64, normal heap, hotspot:

curl -L ''

    "os": "linux",
    "architecture": "x64",
    "binary_type": "jre",
    "openjdk_impl": "hotspot",
    "binary_name": "OpenJDK8U-jre_x64_linux_hotspot_2018-10-12-04-26.tar.gz",
    "binary_link": "",
    "binary_size": 40564422,
    "checksum_link": "",
    "version": "8",
    "heap_size": "normal",
    "timestamp": "2018-10-12T04:26:10Z"
    "os": "linux",
    "architecture": "x64",
    "binary_type": "jdk",
    "openjdk_impl": "hotspot",
    "binary_name": "OpenJDK8U-jdk_x64_linux_hotspot_2018-10-12-04-26.tar.gz",
    "binary_link": "",
    "binary_size": 78327417,
    "checksum_link": "",
    "version": "8",
    "heap_size": "normal",
    "timestamp": "2018-10-12T04:26:10Z"

Release Type

Type of release, i.e releases for stable builds or nightly for most recent build.


OpenJDK version, i.e openjdk8, openjdk9, openjdk10, openjdk11, openjdk12, openjdk13

Query Parameters

The data that can be returned can then be filtered to find builds of a specific type

Parameter Query Parameter Name Examples
JVM Implementation openjdk_impl hotspot, openj9
Operating System os windows, linux, mac, solaris, aix
Architecture arch x64, x32, ppc64, s390x, ppc64le, aarch64, arm
Binary Type type jdk, jre
Heap Size heap_size normal, large
Release release latest, jdk8u172-b00-201807161800

In the absence of a given parameter, it will return all elements.

To return latest, hotspot, windows, x64, jdk:

curl -L ''

Multiple values can be supplied for a given parameter like so:

curl ''

This will return all Windows and Linux releases of OpenJDK8 for 32-bit and 64-bit x86 architectures.
Multi-value release queries are not currently supported due to some idiosyncrasies with how it affects response formats. Queries such as ?release=latest&release=jdk8u172-b00-201807161800 will return an appropriate error response.